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Elizabeth Whalen
Director of Finance, Boston Harbor Wealth Advisors
Branch Associate, RJFS

Liz joined Boston Harbor Wealth Advisors in 2022 as the Director of Finance. She plays a crucial role on our team due to her broad set of responsibilities. For example, she manages day-to-day financials, such as payroll and expense management, while overseeing high-level data analysis to identify efficiencies and opportunities. Liz also analyzes forecasting reports and identifies risks and opportunities for our executive team while ensuring adherence to financial laws and guidelines.

The approach Liz takes is focused on excellence in client service. She possesses a combination of technical expertise and a high degree of empathy, which has served as a helpful combination in her career. Her strengths in finance and accounting, combined with her unique ability to quickly make connections, allow her to impact our organization positively and work collaboratively with others.

Before joining our team, Liz gained extensive and valuable experience that she applies to her current role. She began her career as an Associate – Lead Specialist with Goldman Sachs before becoming self-employed as a Performance Coach, where she offered various workshops, lectures, and webinars to help people improve their performance and achieve their goals. Most recently, Liz was the Finance Director with Sunbridge Institute, where she held a role similar to her position with Boston Harbor. Liz earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance with a concentration in Accounting from Pace University, Lubin School of Business in New York. She also completed the coursework for the CPA requirements from SUNY Plattsburg.

Elizabeth Whalen

I am originally from New York City but now live in South Carolina. I love this part of the country because it allows me to raise my son, Parker, in a beautiful area where we can enjoy the outdoors more often, which means a lot to me.

When I’m not at work, I like going for hikes, doing yoga, going to festivals, exploring new places on road trips, or taking time to slow down and enjoy a great book. I also hold certifications in life coaching, meditation, yoga, and a form of holistic healing known as Ayurveda.